Zone de Texte: Primary Industries UK Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of the group Primary International Holdings Ltd Group. 
It was formed in June 1992 following a management buyout of the Primary International Group, which began in the early 1960s. 
The management buyout was supported by financial institutions, 3i plc Midland Montagu Ventures and Lloyds Development Capital Ltd. 
The new group acquired the complete trading business of Primary Industries Corporation, New York.
The original owners of the group were entrepreneurs who had emigrated from Russia to the USA. 

The ownership today is still a family business, and the existing owners have maintained the traditional values of the company. 
The activities of the Primary business were, and still are, international steel trading. 
Our philosophy is that a trading company has to provide an added value to its partners, whether suppliers or buyers.

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES UK LTD | Suite 202, 116 Baker Street, London W1U 6TS, UK | +44 (0) 207 291 4360