Zone de Texte: In our ever-changing world, a company can only achieve this through years of practice, building a solid reputation of reliability, professionalism, and expert knowledge both in the industry and the countries with which we trade. More importantly, we believe that long-standing personal relationships are the essence of successful partnerships. 
We have considerable expertise in the markets we operate within, in the products we sell and processes involved, creating a win-win situation with our partners. More importantly, we have developed close personal relationships with everyone we work with spanning over years in the industry.
The steel market always offers new opportunities. We are always seeking to develop new relationships or partnerships, joint ventures and future collaborations on a long term basis and we welcome new talent to extend our existing reach.
Trading in the international market is risky and complex due to changing political scenes, and volatility in the market. This has created the need for many producers and buyers to mitigate or eliminate risk.
The support of the Primary team provides producer and buyer alike an added value to achieve this goal, and our expertise is there to facilitate safe and successful export to specific overseas markets.
With continuous activity and presence, Primary has gained intimate knowledge of the culture in which we deal. The mutual respect and resulting friendship provide an opportunity to resolve any problems that may arise.

About Us

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