Zone de Texte: Niche markets are specialist markets and, as such, require expert knowledge, experience and patience. This is where we come in.
The requirements of the suppliers differ greatly from the requirements of buyers and we are there to bridge that gap in terms of finance, shipping, logistics and documentation.
The steel market, being by nature extremely volatile, provides additional dangers such as cancellation of contracts or price re-negotiation from customers in a down-trend market and vice versa from suppliers in a rising market. 
We provide the comfort and security to all parties that once a deal is finalized, it is secure. 
We, of course, expect the same standard from our partners. We are also aware that the execution of each contract requires additional expertise for a smooth operation and satisfaction for all concerned. 
Our group is supported by the banking community, with substantial credit lines, enabling us to finance multiple transactions at any one time.

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